Seating Chart Inspiration at Royale Brasserie

I absolutely loved creating this seating chart for a Inspiration Shoot with Parrish House Photos. How dreamy is it as an entrance to one of Calgary's most beautiful restaurants, Royale Brasserie. I have to admit, I might even use the word "obsessed" to describe this seating chart in this venue. The ornate details compliment so many elements of Royale Brasserie. In love!  Heres to beautiful details, timeless calligraphy, gold wax seals, and wild greenery!


Boutique Wedding Market

We were so fortunate to be apart of Boutique Wedding Market this past weekend! Nothing beats chatting with Brides (and a few Grooms too!) and hanging out with some of Calgary's most wonderful industry friends! See you again in the Spring!

A special thanks to the lovely ladies at Gathered Table Supply for the tabletop pieces and to Parrish House Photos for capturing our set up.

Hello fall

August ninth you say? Yes, that makes sense. Right about this time, excitement begins to ensue for my favourite season of the year. In my mind, despite the weather, summer is over. Or at least, I'm over it. Dare I say I am not a summer person at all?! No I don't think so. I do appreciate summer and am always ready and even anticipate it when May rolls around. But! It must be said. Fall truly has my heart. Fall colours, smells, sweaters and boots; The Holidays just around the corner. And lastly, but most importantly, Fall weddings. Here is just a snippet of what is inspiring me this season.

Now, back to your iced coffees, bathing suits and flip flops. I will see the rest of you over here in a few weeks!!! 

(All images sourced from Pinterest)

for the love of peonies

when spring arrives, and peonies are in season, i tend to forsake all other flowers. peonies have my heart. 

                                                                              [one]     [two]     [three]     [four]     [five]     [six]

this season i would love to have a bride wear a peony crown, or see them beaming from the top of a simple white tiered cake. or, just on top of own my kitchen table. that would be enough for me. happy friday!